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Friday, February 05, 2016

Doctor gets 30 years for overdose deaths

It  completely amazes me what the job of doctor has become. Being a doctor used to be a highly respected profession, so much so that doctors were godlike creatures that nobody questioned.

I myself have respect for many doctors but overall I have lost respect for the profession as a whole.  It has become a racket.  A money making racket. 

Doctors order thousands and thousands of unnecessary tests every year with the excuse they don't want to be sued for missing something. It is complete bullshit. This is done to bump up levels of care and increase billing.

Then there is the whole prescription drug problem.  In the news today, a doctor was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the overdose deaths of 3 of her patients.  She had a pattern of prescribing unnecessary pain pills. What a disgrace for the medical professiion.

Why do so many doctors give out pain med prescriptions?  To avoid unhappy patients. Because patients expect it. Because it's easier to do it. In other words for cowardly reasons.  Doctors could stand up, as a profession and stop this. They choose not to. As far as I'm concerned the addiction crisis lies squarely on their shoulders.

More and more the government and insurance companies are taking over how medicine is practiced.  Part of the reason is costs. Tests are ordered that are unnecessary creating a ridicously expensive health care system. Pretty soon the government will play a huge role in narcotic prescribing, since doctors can't regulate it themselves.  Doctors will have to justify every pill they prescribe. 

Doctoring used to be an honorable profession.  That ended years ago.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Do ER Nurses have PTSD?

Here's a great blog post written by Edwin Leap MD, a doc who has been around the BLOGOSPHERE for years. He writes a blog at the Huffington Post:

Here's the post about PTSD:

Monday, January 04, 2016

Wasting away in frequent flyerville

When you work in an ER for any length of time, you realize that there are a substantial group of people who you see on a regular basis. A few hundred actually. These we refer to as the dreaded "frequent flier".

Yes, these are the people who appear at the triage desk and you don't have to ask their names because you already know them. They are there so often that if you don't see for a couple of weeks you wonder if they died.  You ask you co-worker if they have seen so and so lately.q

Yes, they sometimes come in weekly, even daily, sometime even 2 or 3 times in a day. There are some who come in only on weekends. They are the drunks, the migraineurs,  the chronic painers, the depressed, the obsessive constipationists, etc etc etc.

Some of them, when you see their name on the triage screen, you want to run for the hills.  Others, you think whatever... They are not the kind of people who get the concept of primary care.  We are part of their life, the ER for them, is like you and I going to the grocery store. It's just routine.

We will keep seeing them, that won't change. The only thing that will stop them from coming is if they move away or die.