Thursday, October 30, 2014

nurses to strike over lack of proper equipment to care for ebola patients at Kaiser Permanente

18,000 nurses who work for Kaiser Permanente in California will strike on November 12 to protect lack of training and proper isolation gear for caring for patients with ebola. Cities across the country will have demonstrations on the same day.

We are expected to use the isolation gear that doesn't cover everything at my hospital, although there have been promises to get better gear. Nothing has happened yet. No mandatory training either.

Have you been trained?  Do you have adequate equipment?

Kaci Hickox responsible for end of world

So that damn defiant Kaci Hickox is at it again. She and her boyfriend are right now riding their bike. The world will probably end during the ride. This is it people.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

shitty poltiicians play games with ebola

Political opportunists are using the ebola situation to further their ambitions. They try to act like their quarantine policies are for the good of the public, but they are a cynical attempt to keep themselves in the press.

No one with any sense thinks that healthcare workers who have worked with ebola patients shouldn't be closely monitored.  Obviously. We have already seen two nurses caring for an ebola patient become positive.

Do nurses need to be placed in tents? Of course not.  They can be monitored at home. That whole debacle was ridiculous and I admire Kaci Hickox for standing up for herself.

Now more and more states are imposing these quarantine rules on health care workers.  Here is my problem with it: Why are just the people coming back from Africa being quarantined?  Why aren't all the healthcare workers who have worked with ebola patients, including those in NYC not being quarantined. Therein lies the blatant political side of this. If these politicians were concerned about public safety this would apply to all workers, not just those from Africa.

A terrible situation in Africa gets worse every day. These games being played will only discourage HCWs from going there to help.  It will also discourage nurses here from being willing to care for the patients who may come to their door.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

the brave nurses who cared for Thomas Duncan

If you want to hear what it was really like to treat Thomas Duncan, read this story about the brave nurses volunteered to care for him.